Friday, October 26, 2007

Design Team Challenge - NUMBER 1

Here in Perth it is still Friday... so as promised we are sneaking in the first Design Team Challenge on Friday... (it would have been earlier but Tracey's cat decided to have her kittens a week early... tonight!!)

So here is the Challenge...

This challenge we have set three credentials:

A colour scheme -
Black, Purple and Yellow.
(you can use other colours but we want these 3 colours to dominate the layout)

Embellishment: We would like a cut out animal or creature... eg: bird or fairy(there can be more than one) and it doesn't have to be a bird or fairy!!

Photo's: we would like to see some lovely photo clusters... yeap that is right ladies... more than 4 photos on this layout...


Please email these layouts to us by next Sunday night (midnight) 3rd Nov. 2007

We cant wait to see what you all come up with...

Cheers... Here are ours....

My Little Snake Charmer Tracey Campbell

Determination - Jodi


OH and Tracey's cat had 3 kittens!!


sam said...

sounds interesting!!
cant wait to see the layouts from everyone

well done on the kittens!

Alice said...

Congrats for the kittens!!!
What a fantastic challenge! Haven't used this colour combo together before so should be interesting!

::Bek Geach:: said...

This was a toughie, which is what I like most :-)

MORE than 4, I hope 4 is okay and meets the requirements, cause thats what I did... email on its way. EIK.

Thanks for a great challenge.

Cute little kittens, I hope they're doing well :)


kdtt4 said...

Wow, more than 4 pics, thats a challenge! Cant wait to give it a go, thanks heaps this is going to be fun :)

kel xox

Sara said...

great first challenge, I have a love affair with birds at the moment, so this is going to be great.